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A real human bean ♪
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I'm the one who drives.

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I almost got rammed into in traffic today. Few minutes after the event when I arrived at the parking area near my home the road rager near-collisioneer was there. He had tailed me without me noticing and he honked at me to gain my attention. With the Driver side door open he then engaged in a passive aggressive rant from within his cabin and told me to get my eyes checked. He caught me bit off guard and I was wordless, only able to take in the sudden outburst, but luckily I was quick to notice he was a bespectacled balding nu male type human so I realized he was a gutless wimp and that he's just acting tough. I said "alright", turned around and walked away. I didn't hear any refutes behind me, just a car door shutting and him driving away, clearly still flustered.


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some old guy rear ended me a few months back but it didn't cause any damage
his wife said "looks good to me XD" before I even made it to the window and I just looked at her without any expression for a solid 3 seconds and then she got all worried and serious instead of just fucking around
if you stare at people, even for a second, it makes them uncomfortable and they'll second guess themselves and stop playing cards

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Get in.

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Someday, I will create a comprehensive list of all the /jp/a/ bunkers, and release it to the world. Am I an evil person to do this?


No it's good, we need to stick together as a community and support each other.


Robert already made one it has pretty much all the ones that had a decent amount of traffic


Ron Paul's brother or a different robert?
anyways whats the list.

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you know why the girl is crying?
because it's her first encounter with real torture
she saw the poor little buggy fight and struggle for it's life only to be mercilessly killed for no reason whatsoever
a child with an underdeveloped mind, such as the younger sister behind her sees nothing wrong as it was only an insect
however, the older sister is clever, recognizes the insect as a living creature with weaknesses much like herself and she knows full well that the danger the dragonfly faced exists for her as well
while she would never be able to articulate this, her fantasy world where no one is ever truly hurt and nobody is ever truly evil has just been shattered
she is now aware that there are things out there just as cruel as her father/uncle/brother who would happily repeat this kind of sadistic torture, but far far worse, those things would rather harm her

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Je conduis

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ok im fine

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