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$6000: "Will buy at $2500"
$7000: "Will buy at $5000"
$10000: "Will dip soon"
$50000: "Crap"
$49,999: "Bought the dip"

Thanks @mikepatel
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lellyn degenerate shilled bitcorns we finna be rich lol!

if my boomer relatives in europe knew about bitcoin a few months ago everyone knows it by now


Stay poor


>Be CIA dyke Ellen
>Get awards for equally dykish Obama
>Used as decoy for Vegas shooting
>Starts shilling bitcoin

Do you not see what’s going on? Katy Perry had her tweet with her nails. The deep state is losing grip of controlling the people. They will crash bitcoin to make people poor. And 4chan loves crypto, deep states hates 4chan. I expect a big hype and gains short terms but in 8 months, when normies have invested thousands, deep state crashes bitcoin and they regain control.

You’ve been warned anon


10 years after the internet started, it still wasn't one thousandth of what it would become another 10 years later.
It's not even been 10 years since bitcoin started. So just hold tight, don't sell and keep buying.



Wow Ron Paul almost made me feel bad for putting 80 percent of my financial aid this semester into Bitcoin and only 20 I'm ethereum

File: 1518838705635.jpg (188.41 KB, 1686x1857, 1500752134540.jpg) Google


i h8 myself

File: 1518834653128.png (411.28 KB, 1280x720, HorribleSubs_New_Game_09_7….png) Google


>gaining fiat value
>losing so much money in terms of sats

File: 1518832849944.gif (1.13 MB, 500x417, 1500070464861.gif) Google



File: 1518832639417.gif (979.75 KB, 227x221, 1517554373458.gif) Google


I've heard this from teachers, counselors, my mom.

"Oh but he's so smart"

They even theorized that I misbehaved and didn't do schoolwork because I wasn't intellectually challenged enough, so I needed to be in the gifted classes.

By the time I was in second grade, I only wanted to be alone in my room and play video games.

I hated school, I didn't want to be around people, I just wanted to be all alone and play video games.

I do wish to be around people, I do want female companionship and a sense of community, just not modern day multicultural degenerate America, and I felt this way since I was very young.

File: 1518832253342.jpg (7.07 KB, 194x259, BA1EB4E3CCDB4FA4B5B123A3CC….jpg) Google


Do I still count as a virgin if my only sexual experience was a girl way older than me who rape femdomd me when I was going thru puberty

File: 1518832053434.gif (1.54 MB, 500x500, 812a86d0eef3c98734f0f0622d….gif) Google


It's disturbing how much calmer I was when I was on SSRIs and how much anxiety I never had before arose when I stopped. And it permanently made me a wreck because I was a teenbro with developing brain when I took them

File: 1518733001718.jpg (209.38 KB, 1920x1080, 1518589242064.jpg) Google


Anyway I said I'd stop posting here so later guys




See you in an hour.


Please help

File: 1518808382904.png (68.3 KB, 631x354, Teflon_Don.png) Google




this steams the wk


File: 1518822432627.png (345.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180216-180640.png) Google


How is this a crime, we've been doing this on 4chan since we were twelve

File: 1518658687210.jpg (116.51 KB, 994x719, 1504659226467.jpg) Google


>Student at Florida high school: We used to joke that suspect Nicolas Cruz "would be the one to shoot up the school." At least 15 people are now confirmed dead. Here's what we know: 2wsb.tv/2GdwO1V

What do we do about the quiet, loner white male problem?
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Honestly the stuff I read they really did treat him like shit, it reminds me of how I was treated in elementary school, people stopped bullying me when we became teenagers, they shouldn't treat someone like that when they're all the way in high school,


They also wouldn't have been shot if he didn't pull the trigger.



School can be a living nightmare for people who aren't accepted by the herd, but nobody cares about them until they lose it and go postal.


why do i get all the negative stereotypes applied to me


We're at an equilibrium point where normies find it too repulsive to treat pathetic losers like they would a human being, so the pathetic losers have to lash out by shooting up a school.

File: 1518805059956.jpg (23.99 KB, 615x409, MAIN-Video-shows-Nikolas-C….jpg) Google



What are we going to do about the millennial Trump supporter issue?


Our enemies must fear us.

File: 1518805702056.jpg (1.19 MB, 1375x1331, Screenshot_20180216125711.jpg) Google


Roasties want their cut. Never mention you have crypto to anyone ever. Your girl could have you robbed. The government could freeze your bank accounts. Family could blab their friends who could rob you.

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