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has your name ever appeared in anime because it did for me just now feels weird since its rare and theres two ways of spelling it

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In one provocative study, Shannon Clark and S. Giac Giacomantonio compared that match between subjects in late adolescence and early adulthood—across the age boundary when the psychological development of empathy is thought to settle into a mature level. Clark and Giacomantonio quizzed their subjects as to their listening preferences, classifying them according to a Musical Preference Factor Scale (MPFS) developed by Peter J. Rentfrow and Samuel D. Gosling:

Factor 1, “reflective & complex” (e.g., classical, jazz, folk, blues)

Factor 2, “intense & rebellious” (e.g., rock, alternative, heavy metal)

Factor 3, “upbeat & conventional” (e.g., country, pop, soundtracks, religious)

Factor 4, “energetic & rhythmic” (e.g., rap, soul, dance, electronica)

The result?

[I]t was shown that music genres encompassed by MPF-1 and MPF-2 are stronger in their associations with empathy than are those encompassed by MPF-3 and MPF-4. In fact, MPF-3 was negatively associated with empathy, indicating that those who have greater preferences for these genres may be lower in empathic concern. Additionally, MPF-4 was shown to have very little influence on empathy, positively or negatively, indicating that these genres of music contain little to no emotive messaging influencing empathic concern[.]



Country fags and Christ cucks confirmed for having no souls literal reptilian music


weren't you gonna stop posting


File: 1518736318420.png (199.54 KB, 554x575, 2a1675eea295cfa39f639b0f20….png) Google

Tcuck won't range ban me

File: 1518729514524.png (644.6 KB, 800x1200, 1506565848640.png) Google


How the fuck did I get an 85 on my exam I did everything right


I literally got everything right this makes no sense what a fucking buzz kill I was expecting 100


I'm so mad right now


Checked my annswers there all right???? Wtf

File: 1518697937136.png (580.97 KB, 1280x934, 1518666143122.png) Google


Which one is /nou/?

File: 1518689324327.png (399.05 KB, 700x965, 1488964547887.png) Google


lend me your spamming script


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Sure thing cumguzzler lmao


Fuck off


Cry me a river subhuman


You're going to pay


File: 1518653846653.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x1764, Screenshot_20180214-021446.jpg) Google

The artist is openly preaches white murder and is publix with the sperm on art. Read the link commie.
Oh wait commies burn anything that educated those around them.

Of course he knows.
He's something to the occult like the antichrist.


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File: 1518660626183.jpg (444.39 KB, 2517x2126, 1518634993672.jpg) Google


whts the point of getting married if your girl is gonna age and decay


She's British…..
What do you expect….


holy fuck


can't find her attractive after that side by side of her and richard dawkins…


isnt she ethnically french the harry potter author chick looks good and shes like 50 something


Brits are some of the biggest muts out there with French blood, so it diesnt matter.

File: 1518671135361.png (487.99 KB, 496x548, 1496191703014.png) Google


just broke up with my only friend. now its time for me to break up with noyou too


no you will stay and like it


it's time for me to go


i can change i swear


I had a friend but one day we stopped talking for no reason

File: 1518660718529.png (218.58 KB, 400x370, 1452219711986.png) Google


shes with him happy on valentine day and im alone and schizo
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get hormone therapy so you can score a nice bf


no thats gross. im masculine


you just admitted you're feminine it's obvious being a male doesn't suit and you can't satisfy a woman just give up to your lust for cock


my mind/soul is feminine, i'm physically masculine so i'm attracted to physical femininity


that's what a transgender is someone who identifies with a gender different from his physical body


no man, i cant disrespect my self like that.


File: 1518653810628.jpg (209.38 KB, 1920x1080, 1518589242064.jpg) Google


Once Ron Paul permabans me Is be free


tshit is never gonna ban me so i need to garner the self control and willpower and leave jp on my own


anyone else know this feel

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