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Am I the worst poster in Jay pee history





I don't care about this petty politics meme shit


stop posting individualists

File: 1518587085179.png (829.51 KB, 2060x468, Screenshot_174.png) Google


jesus fucking christ


It conly because of the internet.
You would have seen these (and did for hunger games) on back shelves of grocery market magazine sections either on the trashy romance section or on the shelf of featured selections for a year.

I indirectly know the author of hunger games so as to how she depicted the hunger games world seems like a product of the communist scare when she was growing up, but seems to fit the whole nwo narrative pretty well for what Hollywood likes flamboating around as mockery to most peoples.


sean you should watch the hunger games, they have more occultic symbolism and brainwashing than anything else ive seen

they mkultra'd the FUCK out of millennials with those films

File: 1518585478645.png (205.48 KB, 445x386, 1500651526175.png) Google


my MOM is such a dork i feel so much secondhand embarassment i think i inherited her spergy awkwardness thats why im such an autist
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What are you, 12? From a 26 yr old womb?


boomer generation only applies to western cvilization you braindead fucking white trash


Minorities are trash.


no your fat lard inbred white trailer trash whore of a mother is the definition of trash


Toss yourself into a garbage bin.


toss your fat lard burger eating pop culture consuming cable news watching braindead zombie whale wrinkly peeling creature white skin yellow tooth stank breath dork ass mother in a fucking dumpster cuz her fat lardass wont fit in the bin

File: 1518582338516.png (34.82 KB, 610x297, 1500589989929.png) Google



Please summarize.


amazon is in bed with the cia(front name for an occultic shadow group that rules over us all and uses us as pawns in their chess game with the other group that runs russia)


Sounds logical.



Can't wait until the mechanical horse is a reality.

File: 1518545871396.png (199.54 KB, 554x575, 2a1675eea295cfa39f639b0f20….png) Google


Can you get away with faking a degree when applying for a job


Not really a matter of getting away, but more of a question of long term effects of getting caught lying in an interview and lying in general.


Yeah I wanted to pretend to be a CS autist by photoshooting Ron Paul Ron Paul's degree but I guess I'll pass


If you're applying to an entry-level IT job, you can probably get by with an associate's degree from a local community college and a couple comptia certs


No Alcculard, you can't.
On top of that you won't be able to list being the king of Transylvania or that your cousin and His wife catholic saints, because that's their accomplishments, not yours.

File: 1518575448069.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 500x281, 1491625500071.gif) Google


We all know at least one woman who has become possessed by her Animus. She is a ball busting bitch. These woman walk around with stinkwood penises, beating both men and woman over the head with it, insisting that they know it all and know it all better than everyone else! This Animus Hound is never wrong. She knows everything. She inflicts an unstoppable, unconscious flow of talk on others, in which she has an unyielding conviction.

The Animus hound usually suffers from a weak and uncertain feminine image and a damaged instinct. Her mother was not available either emotionally or physically. This makes her vulnerable to Animus possession. This woman has a negative image about her femininity and is usually highly critical and judgmental of other woman. She herself is vain, false and jealous, but is not aware of it and projects it out, labelling others as vain, false and jealous.

The Animus in this woman has one goal, and that is to pull her away from life and cut her off from it. He prevents this woman from entering a spiritual life and keeps her focused on the material physical world. She suffers from a Will to Power, a psychological imbalance which affects her relatedness to others and the world in the most insidious way. When the feeling life (Eros) is missing, the result is someone who pursues and values only the intellect, resulting in a stiff attitude, lacking warmth and feeling.

She has no heart.

She is cut off from her instincts, unbalanced and destructive. She can only relate to men sexually and confronted with a relationship, she asks the wrong questions. Instead of thinking about whether she loves him or cares for him, she asks herself whether she should sleep with him now or tries to work out the best way to manipulate him.

The Animus is critical and harsh and he constantly whispers to this woman that she is a failure, that she can’t amount to anything and that it is too late now anyway. He criticises those around her and points out their flaws and mistakes.

The Animus often attacks the woman’s creativity by instilling doubt about the validity of her ideas and her ability to implement them. He also sows the seeds of doubt and suspicion. The Animus loves getting stuck on small things and making it into big things in order to hold back life and prevent growth. He is an expert on making mountains out of molehills. Like a dog with a bone, he picks and analyses and comes up with various intimationsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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it's not psychology


*buries head into sand*

it's not psychology right mommy????


it's esoteric knowledge dumbed down for academic normies to understand. since you a literal retard bald pedophile from hima, even that doesn't get through to you. psychology is stupid shit like operational conditioning and episodic memory


sounds like psychology alright, a bunch of esoteric buzzwords with no actual meaning


man the theory about pedophiles and low IQs is true


I need more neet tome to read all this





File: 1518558305786.jpg (129.04 KB, 714x1000, 1500773632739.jpg) Google


i fell for the btcp meme


well shit, it's at an ath, guess i reversejinxed it lol


File: 1518580283945.jpg (74.39 KB, 947x640, asdfs.jpg) Google


File: 1518572210403.jpg (140.75 KB, 392x309, 1518189366048.jpg) Google


Saturns realm of matter this is a prison


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