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I can't forgive myself
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ya i thought so too my secondary doctor gave me it and i was really surprised but my primary doctor really didnt want me taking it but she caved in to my demands


I mean they will try every other benzy like Klonopin Valium etc


ya my secondary boomer doctor is nuts i think its because she had no kids she didnt seem to care right off the bat when i asked her for anxiety relief she gave me an option of either valium or xanax my main doctor was there for my birth so she was usually always against it


kind of mad because i am actually aware of my cognitive decline mostly my short term memory i do everything i can whether its diet change or going organic with body washes detergents fabrics and so on just for a 0.001% gain in neuro function i bombard my mind with benzo grenades


Yeah women that never have kids are psychotic


Yeah your brain is pretty much reshaped and since you're a twenty something you permanently closed it with lower cognitive power shake your only hope is LSD

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Who in they feels rn





Why can't I select the time I want on the Android app


File: 1518508451895.webm (2.86 MB, 224x400, 1518503338697.webm) Google


File: 1518507664023.png (949.05 KB, 1400x929, __alex_mason_ho_chi_minh_m….png) Google


Every Valentine's Day I add another bullet to the chamber……

I'm up to 6 now…..


time to play russian roulette

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is this website nice? I'm asking for a friend
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Just leave.


I come here to warn newcomers from this wretched place


File: 1518483052711.jpg (55.86 KB, 442x385, 1503711633499.jpg) Google

but I thought this was a hideout for nice /jp/ anons?


it's a hideout for the most awful retarded autists ever.

/what/ is for nice /jp/ anons.


stop responding to the outsider


dont be mean
this guy is a gay rapist dont trust him



holy fuck i just realized vargposetr was completely ironic and is actually a leftypol natbol


does he live in his car? i respect him more if he does

File: 1518464655690.png (1.49 MB, 927x1273, 0001.png) Google


i waited until the last minute again. i have like 18 hours of assignments to finish by midnight.

pray for me bros
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File: 1518500939674.png (4.02 KB, 102x515, Screenshot_173.png) Google

look BITCH!!!!! im a fucking genius, imagine if i could focus and didn't procrastinate and rush everything 3 hours before it was due i'd be a phd and richer than google


mood rn


gonna rewaqrd myself by playing nocturne for the next 7 hours on acid


you think anyone wants you when you still procrastinate like a child?
you're a real piece of shit. the point of education isn't that it's hard, it's to get you into real world habits that can help real people. and you're still a child.


it's not like anyone is going to know, they will just see my norm degree and hire me


diamonsd are made under pressure!!!!!! ;p;

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What are we gonna doooo
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lmao that's Joe Arpaio's jail


This is the dox thread post em if you got em


hate doxxers


is this why hes been absent these past few days hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolyyyyy fliiiippp




File: 1518417798011.jpg (305.57 KB, 2000x1002, fuck.jpg) Google




can someone explain this

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Can't get up cuz I have a boner

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