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It hurts doesnt it, cryptofags. I want it to hurt. I want it to hurt real bad. You thought you could really become a multimillionaire doing nothing? You thought we were all suckers for having a real fucking job? You thought you figured it all out? Oh boy I'm going to enjoy watching this long, drawn out pain.


File: 1517771581769.jpg (122.33 KB, 1015x720, [HorribleSubs] Darling in ….jpg) Google

>implying anyone with a brain didn't cash out at 20k BTC

I've still got 5k or so in DBC just for the hell of it.


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File: 1517759758480.png (216.06 KB, 724x726, 1514548053177.png) Google


i hope you semen slurpers arnt planning on selling chain link


I'll be so happy if it drops to 20

File: 1517768151689.png (717.37 KB, 1000x581, aAvENN5.png) Google


Initiate phase three

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My tooth abscess got really bad, I hoped it would go away on its own but I think I'll go to the hospital instead


My right cheek is so swollen I can barely blink my eye


They gave me a shot and prescribed antibiotics I'm still swollen but at least I feel better

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Anyone else feel like a total retard for falling for the atheism meme?



never finished persona 4 got stuck at a part where i was underleveled and the boss was kind of hard and i didnt feel like going back to an old save kind of a pitty the atmosphere and soundtracks were nice


HAHAHAHAHA what a fucking loser you suck

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I just realized that you don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin or Ether!
That means I don't have to spend $9,000 at one go or $1,000 to buy one!

Also, did you know that every time you buy or sell a cryptocurrency, someone is buying or selling them to you!?

File: 1517684959575.jpg (48.85 KB, 420x536, 1516984648877.jpg) Google


>Citrus - 05 [720p]


I would watch it but I'm sick and I wouldn't enjoy it as much…


anyone watching yuru camp is it good


It's great.

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