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why am i so perfect? im the neo of this prison of matter

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Is that a bitcoin condom?

Fucking whore.

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How do you satisfy the social grouping part of your brain now that 4chan is teenage normie general
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I'm learning to make tulpas so that I can argue with like-minded people


I have not been there in years anyway it's always been like hence why you fit in so well.


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I just post porn and fap with the kids. A plus if a femanon is taking part.


Kill yourself.


The only thing I use 4chan for is to post >me and KD


Illya's flat, pale chest…


Okay, done.
>One of the largest media publishers in Based Nippon™ conceives a franchise called Kemono Friends about Level 1s (pic related) in a safari called Japari Park. Said franchise will consist of a mobile game, an anime, and some other shit I can't remember.
>Game is a fucking failure, but they're contractually obligated to make the anime
>They hire some literal who ~10-person studio and give them a budget of essentially 20 bucks, a shoestring, and some belly button lint so that the anime fails and they don't have to spend money on a franchise that's DOA. They do give the studio full creative freedom though.
>Studio can't afford to traditionally animate it, so they have to go the CGI route even though they can barely afford that either.
>Head guy, in addition to writing the show, is experienced in CGI, so he creates a bunch of custom tools so the team can get as much done as they can within the deadline. Even then, so many compromises have to be made that the graphics of the final product looks laughably bad.
>Despite this, the show's writing is so strong that it starts a full-blown phenomenon by the 4th episode's release, and the publisher is BTFO and starts pumping out merchandise. By the time the final episode airs literal gorrilions in profit have been made.

Part 2 in next post.
Part 2:
>Zoos throughout Japan capitalize on the show's success by placing wood cutouts of various characters throughout; attendance skyrockets
>At one zoo, a cutout of the penguin character is placed in the habitat of a penguin named Grape. He falls in love with the cutout (not exaggerating here) and becomes obsessed with it, and gains an international fanbase that calls him Grape-Kun, with lots of fanart being made.
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Rate my gf

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Who do you side with? Christians or pagans?
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Will varg accept me if I'm not Celtic


this is the first varg video I've ever watched, he sounds like a total fag lmaooo


White "men" lol LOLOL


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Being used homosexually by another man was equated with cowardice because of the custom of sexual aggression against vanquished foes. This practice is documented in Sturlunga saga, most notably in Guðmundar saga dýra where Guðmundr takes captive a man and his wife, and plans for both the woman and the man to be raped as a means of sexual humiliation (Ok var þat við orð at leggja Þórunni í rekkju hjá einhverjum gárungi, en gera þat vi Bjôrn prest, at þat þætti eigi minni svívirðing.) (Sørenson 82, 111; Sturlunga saga, I, 201). In addition to rape, defeated enemies were frequently castrated, again testified to in several places by Sturlunga saga. Grágás records that a klámhogg or "shame-stroke" on the buttocks was, along with castration, a "major wound" (hin meiri sár), ranked with wounds that penetrated the brain, abdomen, or marrow: the klámhogg was thus equated with castration as "unmanning" the victim, and classed with wounds that cause major penetrations of the body, strongly suggesting that the term refers to rape or forced anal sex such as was inflicted on a defeated combatant (Sørenson 68). It is not known how widespread the practice of raping defeated foes actually was, or if it existed before the advent of Christianity, but in other cultures which have had as strong an ethic of masculine aggression as existed among the Vikings, the rape of defeated foemen was obligatory.

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Let me die

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Murder me

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