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The point of cyrpto is decentralization… how am I achieving decentralization from the government if everything is going towards them anyways? The government's going to just fuck everyone over eventually when they realize centralized banking is much easier to handle rather than couple hundred million random people…

Are you even looking at it as a currency?


And to that end, if limited information is going towards the government on every purchase then the government can't collect sales tax revenue and can't regulate the economy at all. Cyrpto being adopted is a disaster for a country with a modern economy based on a hybrid of government and private interests.


Companies can't get away with selling things to people without paying taxes, crypto or no crypto. Heck, it's even easier to track bitcoin or ethereum than fiat since they're basically public ledgers and everyone can consult them.


whelp, just bought 135 € worth of etherium
so uh, how long until I become a millionaire?


How much are you down?


14 € in one day lmao
Aren't other coins supposed to be proportionally rising as bitcoin does? Ethereum seems to recovered from the crash but not as much as bitcoin did
should've just bought myself another hard drive or two to hoard more anime, but I always get involved in fruitless pipe dream money making schemes whenever the threat of being forced to get a job looms over me


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I believe we have more or less 7 years. The September prophecy made it clear we are officially in the endtimes. It talks about the women fleeing 1260 days/3,5 years into the wilderness. the same amount of time the 2 witnesses and afterwards the beast are said to rule for the same amount of time. I believe Trump to be Elijah who returns at the endtime and gets rid of the biggest filth, possibly one of the 2 witnesses
Ruler of the world blessed/sent from God, Trump (like trumpcard)
On his first day of in office he was 7 decades, 7 months and 7 days and won the electoral vote with a 77 vote lead due to 7 faithless electors. He was born during a lunar eclipse and during his first year in rulership a solar eclipse went through his whole „kingdom“ followed after 33 days (an important number in the occult) by the september 23rd prophecy again followed 7 years later by another solar eclipse crossing his "kingdom"
also Donald J Trump make up 888 in gematria
> Eight is the number of Jesus, whose name in the Greek adds up to 888.
Sent by God, or groomed his entire life to win on that day in that specific manner? I rather believe the first one
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Those crazy conspiracy theories are an invention of the CIA to make people who actually want to uncover the truth look bad by association, they're not troublesome for the system but rather are strengthening it


which ones are the crazy conspiracies?


I was speaking more generally, blurring the distinction between reality and fiction the way the that post copypasted from /pol/ does is beneficial to the powers that be


theres some truth to it even if it's generally wrong and i'm sure the true ones go right over your norm head


People who'll believe anything are very convenient for the powerful


like you

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The prophecy of this world….




I hate women who are more confident than me.


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Litecoin was created by changing Bitcoin’s hash algo from SHA256 to Scrypt. That took Charlie Lee an hour. LCC changes it back to SHA256 and that’s worth $6B. Only in crypto. 😂


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The IRS is going to be on your dick for the rest of your life, ever since you made that first purchase of crypto through your bank/credit-card. You will never be truly decentralized cause they "know". They know you have your dick in the game and will always be expecting you to report every year from here on out.

So many are going to get your buttholes pierced opened by the IRS and you are still a slave to the system. You're not fooling anyone, now pay your taxes or get fucked.


i can just say i lost all my crypto i dont need to prove anything

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File: 1519156272400.jpg (122.33 KB, 1015x720, [HorribleSubs] Darling in ….jpg) Google




Is that your favorite picture of her?


File: 1519174707157.jpg (65.47 KB, 596x587, [HorribleSubs] Darling in ….jpg) Google



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Why do my eye bags look so bad they look worse than ever I look like an old person with AIDS
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mothers probably clutch their children tightly whenever they pass you on the street you fucking freak
stop being such a fucking inconvenience and kill yourself already


Norms fear greatness


it's not fear they feel, but disgust and revulsion, just reading your posts makes me want to vomit
kill yourself post-haste


File: 1519169539272.png (780.3 KB, 635x903, myusha.png) Google

Eye bags are cute if your skin is otherwise smooth.


It is but that's only true for girls


Why would I ever value what you say lol????

File: 1519117012264.png (411.28 KB, 1280x720, HorribleSubs_New_Game_09_7….png) Google


Stayed up all night playing nocturne and I have to wake up early tomorrow
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i dont know how some of you guys can be so loose that you just study the day of the exam and get a b i prepare about a week before exams and still get d's

its the stress that gets to me i literally need everything to go perfectly or i freak out like i need my good pair of boxers to be clean i need to sleep on my favorite pillow case need good socks
also got mom to buy me fresh rosemary because i read it helps with memory im gonna tie the rosemary to a string and bring it to class and sniff it


Is it in a small classroom or big auditoriums


small class 30 people
im gonna transfer next year to a different school hopefully one that has those big lecture rooms



I always got a and b on exams, my issue was my other grade portion because I am scared shitless of going outside and regularly attending class and lab.


Let's hang out next time you're on campus

File: 1519162483415.jpg (75.52 KB, 1280x720, HorribleSubs_New_Game_09_7….jpg) Google



Stop posting new game, it's too late

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The USA should stop talking about bombing Iran and start seriously talking about bombing Israel before Israel topples the government of the USA. Israel's prime minister likes to say that Israel, surrounded by enemies, is fighting for its survival. It is time that the USA too, cornered by a deadly enemy (Israel), starts fighting for its survival. Instead of the pathetic sight of US lawmakers (alas, elected by us) giving regular standing ovations to the condescending speech of a charlatan and megalomaniac it would be nice to see US lawmakers grant the president of the USA the authority to strike Israel whenever this little Mussolini threatens the interests of the USA. It would also be nice to see the Israeli people throw out this man who keeps embarrassing their country. The US is being naive in trusting Israel, that is fundamentally untrustworthy.


America voted Trump to fix that though.


Obama-san was more anti Israel

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