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wow what a nice feeling of nostalgia and warmth seeing a sane, intellectual presdient speaking and not the bloated orange buffoon literally driving us into ww3


4 more years


File: 1518554593879.jpg (180.78 KB, 1125x1763, tard.jpg) Google

if only


varg said christians shouldnt be trusted


Obama is only pretending to be a Christian he is a luciferian aka pagan


nah pagans are european only obama is a mutt like all christians


You told me varg would accept me


i lied lmaaaaaaaoooooooooo

im kidding as long as you stick with your own folk its fine it is a volkish religion after all


I have no folk I have two different racial bloodlines


just become a hindu its great



My Indian family is Christian


Richard Spencer is a pedophile like the other guy Milo


sure thing kike


You can tell by his mannerisms and voice


tell them they spit on their indian heritage


i think they have been christian for like a thousand years


please run michelle


lmao europe was barely 75% christianized 1000 years ago what makes you think india would be


File: 1518584245913.png (87.74 KB, 844x555, SaintThomasChristian'sDivi….png) Google

brain dead himatard


now im curious about my own family, how long theyve been christians. christians have been in india since the 1st century but idk if my family goes back all the way there


thats interesting i probably have hindu bloodline ancestors thats so cool



ya youre right i mistaken them for the catholics sucks for the indians no wonder that place is a poophole since they put up with christnorms and muddies for so long lmaaaaaoooo



haha thats awesome im so proud of obama for not being a pussy and chickening out from letting us know what to do


The worst part of this post it isn't ironic.
This is what levels of depravity are at.
Not even the /jp/community is exempt from these lunatics.


wk is a menace but show him pity his life must be infinitely more sadder than your average jp neet


Your days are numbered. White men and the patriarchy are coming to an end. Trump's win is their last frail breath.


wk is a girl……….


File: 1518588451514.jpg (225.46 KB, 500x750, vargsnativeoffspring.jpg) Google

>As of 2018, he has 6 children and another one on the way
this is the stuff that keeps wk awake at night


man that fog and nature/trees looks so comfy i wish i lived in a nordic country


i wouldnt say its comfy more like eerie just check out icelands landscapes its peek spook


eerie is atmospheric which is comfy to me


He's mixed race so he's mentally ill by definition, kinda like a liberal version of Elliot Rodger.


pretty sure he lives in france
what does he even do for a living? imagine if he gets handouts from the government for popping out kids like a literal fucking nigger, wouldn't that be absolutely hilarious?


i lay awake at night because of him


File: 1518630215207.gif (1.88 MB, 826x1210, 1518570331276.gif) Google

WK your cultural marxism will literaly end in fire falling from the sky.


File: 1518630379652.gif (234.1 KB, 507x532, 1518572026603.gif) Google


he has to know i need to tell him so i can impress him


How embarrassing, Obama actually wanted this? Dick and sperm?


Fucking disgusting but what else did you expect from a subhuman ape he's probably secretly gay


It's just a conspiracy theory by racist retards like you


Sure thing cumguzzler lmao


Fuck off


Cry me a river subhuman


You're going to pay


File: 1518653846653.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x1764, Screenshot_20180214-021446.jpg) Google

The artist is openly preaches white murder and is publix with the sperm on art. Read the link commie.
Oh wait commies burn anything that educated those around them.

Of course he knows.
He's something to the occult like the antichrist.


File: 1518675789749.jpg (234.17 KB, 897x768, 1518571298590.jpg) Google

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