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my MOM is such a dork i feel so much secondhand embarassment i think i inherited her spergy awkwardness thats why im such an autist


Girls can't be awkward.


shes not a normal girl


how about you grow up and stop blaming your parents for everything you adult infant


File: 1518585638504.png (56.97 KB, 295x337, 1500835223743.png) Google

theres nothing uglier than an old infant….


Not sure why but it seems like boomers kind of changed in their mid-40s bring a little coocie.
They've had to work longer than any other generation. May be that is why.


shes not a boomer shes from india


What are you, 12? From a 26 yr old womb?


boomer generation only applies to western cvilization you braindead fucking white trash


Minorities are trash.


no your fat lard inbred white trailer trash whore of a mother is the definition of trash


Toss yourself into a garbage bin.


toss your fat lard burger eating pop culture consuming cable news watching braindead zombie whale wrinkly peeling creature white skin yellow tooth stank breath dork ass mother in a fucking dumpster cuz her fat lardass wont fit in the bin

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